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What Can You Do By Having a Printed Foam Board?

by Aren Eson

Before we talk about the printed foam board, have you known about the foam board before? So, before we discuss more the printed foam board, lets we find out about the foam board first!

What Is Foam Board?

Foam board is a light material made by polystyrene that usually coated by the paper. There are some variations for the coated paper such as clay-coated paper, matte paper, etc. The foam board is also known for its another name such as “Foam Core” or “Paper-faced Foam”.

Then, after you know about the foam board, we can continue to discuss the printed foam board. Since the foam board is a printable material, it’s often used for many purposes of printing. If you wonder what you can do with printed foam board, here are a few things you can do with it.

1. The Decoration Items that Made by Foam Board 

Since the foam board is a good printable media, it is possible to use it for decoration purposes. Supporting with a good design, the foam board can be used as a wall display. You can place it in your living room or even your office. But, there is a thing you need to be considered before making a printed foam board. The thing is about the resolution of the design or picture. Make sure you have a good quality resolution, because if your not, the result of your printed foam board might be blurry. Of course, that’s not good since you want to make an eye pleasure decoration. Last, don’t forget to consider the quality of your foam board printing since it will determine the final result of your decoration.

2. The Printed Foam Board is a Media for Business Promotion

Promotion is crucial for a business! The promotion will be useful to introduce your business, product, or service, to the people to increase sales. Moreover, by doing promotion you can also increase brand awareness for your business. So, you can promote your business by making a poster, advertisement, display, and more. By having a printed foam board, you can make promotion at a reasonable price. It is also possible to place the printed foam board indoor or outdoor. But, you have to remember if you want to make an outdoor printed foam board, you should consider the ink type that suitable for the outdoor condition.

3. The Printed Foam Board for the Campaign Purpose

After the foam board used for the business media promotion and decoration, it is also possible to use it for the campaign purpose. Whether it is a political campaign or social campaign. By emphasizing the word, phrase, or even a sentence, you can create a good campaign on the foam board. But remember, before you can make it, you need to know your target for the campaign first. Knowing the target helps you to create the right campaign that can attract your target.

4. The Printed Foam Board as an Information Media

The information media widely used in any location such as in the restaurant, office, or another more place. If you need to make an information media, you can prefer to use the foam board for it. But before you can make it, you need to avoid several things including the small font size, miss information, and the font which has similar color with the background. 

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