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Top Websites for Young Entrepreneur

by Dew Damha

Becoming a young entrepreneur takes not only time and determination but also knowledge and intellectual resources. That is why, despite our young age, we must seek useful and valuable information to start our business trip most efficiently and intelligently.

On the Internet, there are many platforms and pages that post interesting articles about this niche. However, not all of them are worth it, so you have to select those that can positively influence your project. To help you do it, we bring you our top websites for young entrepreneur. Read the list below and discover fascinating alternatives!

  1. Under 30 CEO.

This is, in short, one of the websites that every young entrepreneur should follow. Under 30 CEO is a blog that not only offers useful information for those who run new companies but also gives essential advice for people who want to increase their productivity.

However, what stands out the most about Under 30 CEO is that it is a website designed for young entrepreneurs. As the name suggests, this blog tries to help people who are still under 30 years old to develop their ideas successfully to start their projects and create effective business plans.

Through its content, the writer behind this blog highlights the strengths of young entrepreneurs like him so that others can follow him and do the same. Besides, it also provides helpful advice for the self-employed, start-up business owners, and those who need to find investors.

  • StartUp Mindset.

Although this is not a blog entirely focused on young entrepreneurs (as is the case with Under 30 CEO), StartUp Mindset came to become one of the best alternatives for those who are just starting their businesses.

This website is considered an essential resource for entrepreneurs of all ages. However, it is especially useful for young entrepreneurs because it deals with issues such as business startup and growth, which are decisive for success in the first steps of the project.

Moreover, it has a compelling approach to technology -this topic is also quite useful for young people. In this way, StartUp Mindset is perfect for those who do not have so much experience in the industry and need to understand the business landscape from a simple perspective.

  • CandyBar.

This is another website that can be very helpful for entrepreneurs of all ages. However, we recommend it for young people as it has a different approach from other blogs of this type.

CandyBar has a fresh, interesting, and useful collection of stories aimed at small and medium business owners. But, this time, this site focuses on those who operate the physical world, including entrepreneurs of restaurants, pet stores, among others.

It also provides excellent marketing and customer loyalty tips, helping all CEOs to understand the correct practices to optimize their business and lead it to success. CandyBar is pretty useful if you are starting a small business in your area and need a guide for your transition to greatness. You can visit other websites over here:

  1. Moconews.net
  2. Lonestartimes.com
  3. KissMyDear.com.tw
  4. Mokis.tw
  5. LifeDaily.tw

Are you a young entrepreneur? If so, tell us which of these options do you think is the best for you?

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