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Top 10 Fonts for Website Designs

by Aren Eson

Every single one of us has a font of choice. If you like traditional typographies, it is more likely that the one you like the most is Arial or Times New Roman. But if you would like to add a much more relaxed look to your text, Comic Sans probably will do the job. But what about websites? Should we have to trust in our instinct and find the one we like, or should we consider one that is both legible and accessible for our audience? 

If you are still unsure on which one you should choose, keep reading. 

  1. Wonder Night  

This one is such a fun font to use in websites as it reminds us of comic books or even some book covers. If you do not mind all-caps fonts and would love to have something cool and relaxed, then you sure will love this one. 

  1. Danielle Signature  

If you own a women’s clothing store and would love to incursion on the ecommerce world, then this is the perfect font your online store should have. It is feminine, elegant and it has such an amazing style. 

  1. Admara 

Being a handwriting font’s fan, this one is for your website. This digital font is personal, and it adds a bit of intimacy to your audience, as it looks like you are speaking directly to them in your own writing.  

  1. Monaco 

Looking for your brand to be associated to a much more serious business? Monaco could be of great help. This one is very famous for being used in the tech industry. 

  1. Luminari 

Got a medieval-themed business? Does your brand sell old-fashioned and antique products and would like for the website to look just like them? Take a look on Luminari. 

  1. Monolith 

It is a classic between the most popular website fonts. It gives your web such a sober look and it is legible to everyone that would love to be inform about your business. 

  1. Italico  

Want to catch everyone’s attention? Italico is such an amazing font, mainly used for product packaging design. You could use it as a header or in case there is something very important you would like for your readers to see right away. 

  1. Grafton 

If your brand is much more relaxed and would prefer a casual approach to your audience, then Grafton is ideal for your website. Designers tend to use it as a header on websites because of its strong imprint. 

  1. Helvetica  

If you do not know about Helvetica’s font, where have you spent all of these years online? It is essentially used because of its legibility and that is why it is chosen by so many brands. 

  1. Calibri  

Simpler fonts sometimes are the bests ones. It may be a bit informal, but Calibri could really make your audience stop, stare and read whatever you have written on your website. 

Remember that fonts should not only look cool on your webpage, but also have to be readable for your potential clients. 

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