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Stepping Up Your Sticker Making by Doing These 5 Things

by Doris Molina

Stickers are a medium for conveying information, which at the same time also has entertainment or a fun side to it. A media that we often find in our daily lives. You can easily make stickers at the nearest sticker printing in your area. There are also several things that you need to know to maximize the potential of the stickers that you make by doing the following things. 

1. Do Some Research and Patent 

When you want to make stickers, you first need to do some simple research. No need for in-depth research for months, maybe even years. Relax, you are not on your way to finding the truth. But if you’re into it, that’s even better. My point here is that you need to at least know what you are going to make. Whether it’s in terms of sticker type, shape, colour, size, placement, purpose, and so on. You can do this online, via various common sticker or logo maker platforms. This is to ensure that the stickers you make are not the same as those of your competitors. After you are sure that the stickers you will make are not the same, then you can patent your logo so that your work will not be stolen by other people. 

2. Choose Key Information 

Making stickers is not difficult, but you do need to know what information will be conveyed. Please don’t fill the sticker too much so that it loses its unique look. Make sure you only put information, be it a word, image, or logo that contains its key information. That way, your stickers will be easier to read, look at, and people will be happy to see them. 

3. Prepare Colours 

Using colours is almost a necessity if you want to have a good sticker. You’ll understand once you’ve done your research on point number one. You’ll find that many graphic designers or creators are generally very good at using colour in their stickers. This is what you need to imitate, you need to know what colours represent your business / your organization. Once you find it, you can be creative even further and maybe come up with some alternatives to broaden your views on this subject. 

4. Pick a Finishing Material 

If you want to stick the sticker outside the room, make sure you use a sticker with a strong material type. You know the terms waterproof and tear-proof, right? Consult with your nearest printing shop, and they will present a variety of options that are right for your needs. 

5. Use a Good Layout 

A good layout will produce stickers that are pleasing to the eye. Even if the information is just pictures or words, it still doesn’t lose its main function. The information will be easier for those who see it to digest. Thanks to its layout which is made in good balance. You can easily find sticker layout ideas on the internet. After you determine the right layout, you can make several alternatives, then ask your close relatives’ opinion to see their opinion. Good luck! 

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