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Step by Step to Make Your Amazing Poster Stand

by Evi Lim

Poster stand is an effective medium to convey messages. Of course, you often see posters in various places, right? Yes, this is done to attract high traffic of customers so that information can be conveyed optimally. The following are steps you can take to stepping it up. 

1. Decide What Information You Want to Convey 

When you want to make a poster stand, you need to know what information you want to convey. If you want to hold health socialization, then use the information related to it. You can use a simple narrative and points format. Generally, poster stands have limited space, therefore you need to optimize the use of space. It would be better if you use the information format in the form of bullet points. 

2. Determine The Theme  

The theme and tone of information you and the people you are reading need to relate to one another. Themes will affect how people perceived them. The idea of colour and design will also be clearer if you have decided on a theme for your poster stand. 

3. Find Keywords From This Information 

Using keywords will be very important to attract the attention of your potential customers. A keyword is a summary of several sentences that you shorten into one or two words. Creating a keyword of information will help readers and people who see your poster more quickly capture information. 

4. Use A Good Layout  

The use of layouts for words and information should be simple. Place the main information at the top centre, and additional information below it. Of course, by calculating the proportion that you think is right. A good layout will also make it easier for you to determine the design at a later stage. Readability will also be greatly helped if the layout is clear and to the point. Make everyone can understand the message or pieces of information on it. 

5. Use A Font That Is Easy to Read 

The font on the poster stand that you make needs to be considered in terms of compatibility with the theme, information, and most importantly readability. It’s useless if the information and keywords are interesting, but not legible. Use only natural and universal fonts that people use. This will make it very easy for people to capture information quickly. The font-size also needs to match the ideal reading distance. You can find further references online. 

6. Avoid Excessive Design 

Please be mindful of the design you choose. Make sure there aren’t too much and too many unnecessary decorations. It will only make the poster look cramped. Focus on the design and decoration that relate to the information. 

7. Place Your Poster in A Strategic Place  

This is the final stage of making a poster, which is placing it in a strategic place. This is none other than to make it easier for your poster to ‘interact’ with potential users of the products/services you offer. You can place it in shopping centres, offices, canteens, bazaars, and more. 

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