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Remember These 3 Tips As You Design Your Pull Up Banner

by Evi Lim

A pull up banner is a type of banner that is smaller than the regular banner and is more often found to be used indoors. It is still as effective as a regular banner as long as it is designed properly. The question is, how to design a good pull up banner?  

You might have already guessed it. A banner should at the very least look interesting and aesthetically pleasing as well. But it is not everything. Since a banner is a marketing tool, it needs to be able to communicate well. It has to be able to convey the promotional messages properly and effectively. So, here are several considerations that need to be made as you design a pull up banner: 

1. Display Location 

Before you actually start designing your pull up banner, you have to first know where it will be put later on. For example, if it is going to be used in a big event, then you have to be able to make a design that is simpler and more compact since people won’t spend too much time standing and reading the many information on your banner. On the other hand, if you are simply putting up a pull up banner to convey information in a quiet place or a less crowded event, then you can put a little more information that is detailed as well since people will be able to spare their minute reading the entirety of the banner especially if it provides important information such as the steps to do something. 

If you are designing your pull up banner for a crowded place, you also have to remember to try to stand out more compared to the other people there so that your banner can be easily seen and noticed. This can be done using vibrant colors and bold typesetting. 

2. Concise Content 

In general, a pull up banner needs to be able to convey the message that you want to dliver toward your potential customers or target audience in a simple way. Even though it is quite big and has a large space for a lot of things, it does not mean that you can put everything in there. A banner that is full of texts won’t look nice and it will make people feel discouraged from reading. So, try to come up with simple sentences that are interesting and can leave strong impression in people’s minds after they read the pull up banner without feeling like they are overwhelmed from reading too many words at once. If you wish to find out more you can visit www.professorprint.com

You should also arrange the layout of the pull up banner so that it looks more easier to be read, by maintaining a good reading flow as well. 

3. Extra Information 

If you wish to provide more information for your target audience or potential customers, instead of putting everything into the design of your pull up banner, you should try to include it in a flyer or brochure that you can hand out as people stop by your booth or in front of your pull up banner.

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