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Reasons to Custom Make Your Own Stamp

by Evi Lim

Around office work, people use many different stationaries and tools. One of the most commonly used tools is a stamp. Stamping is often done around the office job for many purposes. Some stamp documents so that they can arrange them better, some stamp their documents in order to make people know what actions to take regarding the documents, some stamp documents for a more formal reason that is done by the higher-ups mostly, such as authorizing documents or leaving the company mark on formal letters. Whatever it is, a stamp is highly needed and it has a lot of benefits.

Stamps can be obtained in stores. However, these are default and general. Sometimes, you can’t find the stamp that says what you need or in the shape or size you want. Thus, you should try custom making your stamp. Although it may cost a little more, custom making your stamp gives you a lot of benefits as follows.

1. Choose any shape and size you want

By custom making your stamp, you are not limited to the only available design of the stamp. You are free to create your own, as long as it is still possible to be manufactured. You are free to choose the size according to your needs without having to worry about anything. However, you still must consider the type of stamp of your choice. Some types of stamps such a self inking stamp or pre inked stamp come in a default rectangular shape. So you must adjust the size of your design according to it.

2. Engrave your company name on the stamp you make yourself

As a business owner, you would always love free advertising. By having your company name and logo engraved on your stamp, you can leave your mark on items and give it as freebies to your customers as they make their purchase of your product. This promotes brand awareness as more people will be able to be more familiar with your brand and trust it.

3. Feel free to use any font

There is no restriction on what font you can use for your stamp. However, this freedom must not be used recklessly. You should still consider the final outcome of the stamp and the propriety of it. The font of your choice must complement the logo or company name while also being eye-catching at the same time to entice people.

4. Increase productivity

By the end of the day, if you have your own stamp that fulfills your expectation, you will be satisfied with it. You will enjoy using it for various jobs that it is set to do. A stamp can help you work faster, especially when it comes to tedious and repetitive jobs. These days, there are more types of stamps that can even make you work easier and faster, such as self inking stamp and pre inked stamp. A self inking stamp and pre inked stamp no longer need a separate ink pad in order to work. Instead, they are loaded with ink and should be refilled every now and then. They are faster in leaving the stamp imprint and they make a better quality image. Thus, you can work productively and make better results with the stamp you make your own.

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