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Name Card Design Tips for Express Printing

by Dew Damha

Networking is very important especially if you are a professional. It opens new opportunities for you and leads you to greater success. One of the best ways to start engaging with people that can be beneficial for you is by introducing yourself with a name card. A well designed name card can leave a strong and lasting impression that will put you on a great advantage. If you haven’t got yourself a proper name card, it is time to start designing it. After the designing process, comes printing. While name card printing can be done generally fast, sometimes you just need it to be extra quick. For that, there are express name card printing services that you can choose. But first, the design must be done properly. Here are a number of name card designing tips for a successful printing process.

1. Design According to Your Profession or Company

The size of your name card, shape, choice of paper type as well as finishes may vary depending on what kind of job or profession that you are having. The design and other printing options that you make must be able to portray you well and easily let people know your line of work. This will make you get remembered better as people find it easier to associate the design of your name card with your line of work or profession.

2. Consistent Brand Design

Your name card should not stand alone, especially if you are representing a company or a certain brand. Ideally, the design of your name card should have the slogan, logo, and website link of your company on them. It is better if there is already a designated color and font type that you can match across all stationeries if your business or company has one.

3. Clear Information

Since the content of the name card is the most important part of it, you have to make sure that you deliver information that is clear and easy to understand. To make it so, you also have to ensure the name card’s legibility with the right font style and size.

Other than that, you also must be able to provide clear information of who you are, meaning that you have to include your full name and job title so people can know the way you prefer to be addressed later on if they contact you in the future.

4. Utilize Both Sides

Remember that the name card paper has two sides that can be used. You can add value and extend sales pitch by making the most of the available space on the paper of your name card. With this, you can attract more people and provide further information.

5. Remember Bleed Area

To make sure that you get a uniform stack of name cards, you should include bleed area in the design of it to make the trimming process easier. Of course, you can omit this if your background is white. A bleed area is the area around the edges of your design. Ideally, it is approximately around 3 mm. The colors, background pictures, and layouts extend into the bleed area to avoid white lines after printing.

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