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Do Branding Agencies Care about Climate Change?

by Aren Eson

For many people, climate change is just a simple fashion theme used by some brands to promote products or services and generate more sales. However, you have to know how to contextualize the situation and understand that brands and advertising agencies like Mandreel are not only interested in creating advertising campaigns that capture attention but also want to design campaigns that generate real positive changes on the planet.

Because climate change is a serious problem for the planet, it is clear that action must be taken to contribute to the environment. According to a study conducted by Greenpeace in 2019, 81% of people worldwide believe that companies are not doing enough to combat climate change.

Within this context and scenarios, brands and advertising agencies such as Mandreel.kr are increasingly interested and committed to influencing the care of the environment and at the same time raising awareness among all stakeholders.

The priorities are different

Without a doubt, consumers’ priorities are not the same as they were a couple of years ago. Consumers are no longer interested only in buying a certain product or service. Now consumers are more environmentally conscious when it comes to shopping.

On the other hand, this is very evident in those groups that demographically are characterized by being very young, such as generation “Z” or the “millennials”, who participate with greater emphasis in activities and events that contribute to the environment.

For a study conducted in the UK and India, more than 90% of young people today, consider that companies and major brands have a major responsibility in combating climate change.

For example, when faced with this kind of criteria, it is increasingly common to find campaigns such as “shopping in shame”, where consumers strive to boycott “fast fashion” companies because of the negative impact they have on the environment.

Important brands such as M&M, faced with the desperation of losing the benefit of consumers and being responsible for more serious social problems, are adapting in such a way that they not only want to improve their public image but also want to generate significant changes that help the environment.

“Green commitment” to sell and inspire

Given the problems experienced by brands and companies, climate change has become a central issue for the development of advertising strategies. Brands increasingly want to be “green” because they can connect with the values of the new generations and at the same time they want to generate real and significant impacts that contribute to the environmental problems of today. According to some studies conducted in the United States and Latin America, consumers in the modern era are more interested in buying green and environmentally friendly products.

This change of consumption paradigm has been vital for advertising agencies such as Mandreel.com to develop innovative strategies to benefit both brands and consumers, who have very high expectations on the subject. Similarly, these changes also allow to encourage and motivate advertising agencies to work in a similar way and with the same commitment.

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