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Basic Tips for Good Sticker Design

by Penelope

One of the most popular advertising tools is a sticker. A sticker is great because it is cheap and it does a great job in garnering people’s attention and delivering campaign messages effectively. However, we can’t just rely on its size for a sticker to do its job well. Sticker design is very crucial in advertising with it. With a good sticker design, you can make sure that you get a sticker that is worth the money you put into the production.

There are several things you need to know and be aware of in designing stickers. We have summed the most important things in this article.

1. Readable from a Distance

Since a sticker is usually put outdoors where people pass by or in events, it needs to be able to be read even from a distance. If a sticker can be read from a distance, it will be able to grab faraway people’s attention, making them want to read more information that is displayed on the sticker.

Keep in mind that there are layers in stickers that you must understand and implement to maintain a good balance in design:

Headline: The headline of a sticker is the part that needs to stand out the most. Thus, the headline of a sticker must have the largest text in the design. This headline part is usually what attracts or grabs people’s attention even from a distance, for some samples, please visit this site.

Detail information: Since a sticker needs to be informative, you can’t miss out on putting detailed information that your target audience needs to know. This is important especially if you are trying to promote an event. The questions of what, when, and where must be able to be answered by the information provided on the sticker. Now, this information sits on the second level of the layer to create a good design hierarchy

Fine prints: This sits in the bottom part of the hierarchy, making any find prints that are included in the sticker design needs to be smaller than the other elements. A fine print in a sticker design should be subtle and not hindering.

2. Color Contrast

Maintaining a good contrast between all the colors used in the sticker design is important, especially regarding the background color and the color of the text. If a background color is light or bright, then the text should have a dark color so that it will be able to be read easily. This also goes the other way around. If not, your sticker won’t be able to pop and it will discourage people from reading due to the strain to the eyes.

3. Size and Location

Consider where your sticker is going to be put up. This affects the decision for the size of your sticker that is ideal. Also, this may affect the choice of sticker type you want to choose for the choice of place. For example, if you are going to use your sticker for indoor promotion, then it is probably best that you consider a pull up banner. However, if you are promoting outdoors, you can choose to put up a large outdoor banner and have it hung up.

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