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4 Tricks to Make a Postcard That Stands Out

by Dew Damha

Businesses will always benefit from marketing. When it comes to marketing, you probably think about digital marketing. But did you know that traditional marketing is still relevant too? It is especially good if you are a small to medium business that tries to save up money for the core business operations. You can use a traditional marketing tool that is effective at a low cost and get great results. 

One of the recommended traditional marketing tools is a postcard. Postcard printing is quite popular these days as it is considered as one of the most cost effective traditional marketing tools that you can get. If you are interested in printing a postcard for your marketing purposes, here are the things that you can do to make it stand out. 

1. Print on Both Sides 

A postcard comes with two sides that you can design. So, make the most of it by designing the two sides for better results. The investment for printing and designing on both sides of the postcard is not very significant, yet the return that you can get can be pretty great compared to only printing on one side. 

By designing and printing on both sides of the postcard, you can deliver more information, insert an attractive image, and catch the attention of your target audience easier. 

If you don’t know what to say on the back of your postcard, you can simply insert a high quality picture with a call to action sentence. At the very least, the image will grab people’s attention and make them want to read your postcard with an interesting call to action sentence that you make. 

2. Coating 

A postcard can be both coated or uncoated. Some people like coated postcard better because it looks glossy, shiny, and more attractive. However, the downside to this is that it will be difficult to write on just in case some people need to take note on the postcard. 

On the other hand, the uncoated postcard is easier to write on. Unfortunately, it is not as attractive and you have to know the right way to design a postcard that is uncoated to still make sure that it looks compelling. 

3. Print Larger 

Why settle on an A6 sized postcard when you can print larger and get a better chance of getting noticed? Nobody said you can’t print larger sized postcards. Yes, it is a little uncommon. But it’s still a postcard and nobody can say no to it. So, there’s really no harm to printing a larger sized postcard for marketing for a greater chance of success. 

4. Choose Vibrant Colors 

Colors that are bright are easy to appeal to the eyes. So if you want to attract your target customers or audience, try to design your postcard in bright colors. You have to pay attention to the color processing, though. Make sure it is in CMYK for better postcard printing process and accurate color reproduction by the printer. If you design in RGB, you won’t get a result as satisfactory as designs in CMYK. 

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