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4 Things to Prepare Before Making a Wedding Invitation Card

by Dew Damha

The wedding might be one of the special moments in your life. That’s why people try to do their best for preparing it. From finding the best venue, caterer, dress, and more. Since a lot of things are required, the wedding invitation card is one of the things that should not be forgotten. It is essential because almost all of the wedding ceremonies will be using it to invite the guest for taking a part in the celebration of the wedding day. By sending the wedding invitation card, it shows that you invite the guest formally. So, if you have a plan for the wedding, you need to know several things to prepare before making a wedding card invitation. Here are the things! 

1. The Time, Date, dan Place 

How you can tell someone to “save the date” if the date is not fixed yet or still changing? It is also the same for the time and place for your wedding day. So, before starting to make a wedding invitation card, you have to make sure that you can use the wedding venue on a specific date. You can find the perfect venue based on the date that you have set or vice versa. If you have no idea about setting the date, you can consider the following tips: 

  • You can consider celebrating your wedding day on your or your partner birthday. 
  • The season you love the most can the perfect choice to hold the wedding. 
  • A memorable day for both of you such as your first date, first meeting, etc. 

If you finally get the exact specific date and place for your wedding, then you take one step closer to begin creating the wedding invitation card. 

2. The Wedding Theme 

Have you decided about the wedding theme? If you haven’t, then you can start to think about it now. The wedding theme plays a fundamental role in a wedding ceremony. It can help you to determine the wedding decoration, the dress, to the wedding invitation card. You can apply the wedding theme to your wedding invitation card design. By applying it, you can make the receiver excited and visualize how your wedding will look like.

3. The Designer and Printing 

Who will design your wedding invitation card? Do you want to do it by yourself or ask for professional help? If you want to create the design by yourself, you can make it by using Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Canva, or other design apps. But the next question, have you decide where will you print the design? The invitation card printing service is one of the things you need to determine before you make the invitation card. That’s because the result of your wedding invitation card will be determined by the quality of printing. So, that’s why you need to find a good quality of invitation card printing for your wedding invitation card. 

4. Make a Guest List 

Who will you invite to your wedding ceremony? It is crucial to know the number of your guest at your wedding. Then, you can start it to discuss it with your partner. Besides, you and your partner can ask the parents about the guest list, if they have a relative that they want to invite to your wedding day. 

After you make a guest list, knowing the date and place, having a wedding theme, and determining the designer also the invitation card printing service, you can start to make the wedding invitation card! Wish you luck for all of the processes for making it 

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