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3 Important Basics to High Quality Banner

by Dew Damha

Printing a banner is a very popular choice for businesses in Singapore interested in promoting themselves. So What are banners, and how do you ensure that you get a high quality product when you decide to print one?

Banners are an affordable advertising tool that can be really great for businesses that are trying to reduce costs or have limited budgets for advertising and marketing. Banner printing in Singapore is very popular and effective, considering the high amount of foot traffic and the low cost of production. Most companies will opt for a banner or two to advertise their goods and services. If you are interested in printing one of your own, we’ve listed some basics to take note of in order to get a high quality banner.

Firstly, As a banner is pretty much an empty canvas, you have to know ways to design it to be interesting so that it can attract your target audience. A banner that is properly designed can be very effective and bring you many benefits. Especially in a country with a population as dense as Singapore, where your banner will be visible to many eyes. So, you really can’t take the designing process lightly.

Other than the designing process itself, you have to also pay attention to the printing options, such as the material of the banner so that the design that you have done can come out even better in the final product.

1. Banner Placement

First, before you actually start designing, you have to get the information of the location where the banner will be placed. This information will help you decide a lot of designing options. For example, if you know the light levels of the banner’s location, you can adjust the suitable colors for it accordingly. Since a banner will be there at all times, twenty four hours a day, you should choose a color that can look good in all light levels. In Singapore, with the high humidity and temperature, as well as the generally high amount of sunlight, you will want to take these conditions into account when designing your banner.

Other than that, you can consider the size of banner font from where it is put. If it is an area where people can spend some time to read the banner from a close distance, then you can reduce the font size slightly. But if it is an area where people will be driving past it, then you should make sure that the font is large so that people can notice and start reading from a distance.

You should also think about other considerations that may come from the information of the banner location like this so that it will be perfect when it is put up.

2. Minimum Text

Even if they have the time to, people don’t usually stare long at a banner and read everything. Singaporeans can be a very busy people, and sometimes will be moving briskly from place to place, and might not be interested in reading more than what is most noticeable on your banner. That’s why you have to make sure that the content of your banner is concise and can be read in seconds so that the message can be delivered easily. Start with determining the key information that you want to deliver to the target audience, then expand a little from it. Remember not to overdo it, though. A simple and clean design is best for a banner.

3. Graphics and Illustration

You can make your banner look more appealing by inserting supporting images or illustration that is relevant to the content of your banner and fits with the theme. But you have to make sure that anything that is included in your design comes in a high resolution so that it won’t break upon printing, no matter how large it is. Remember to work in at least 300 dpi. This resolution is best for high quality printing to avoid the image getting pixelated or stretched when it is printed. A high quality banner can ensure that you look proper and convincing.

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