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Make Your Business Card More Effective in These Four Ways

by Doris Molina

In doing business, one of the ways to earn clients is by personally introducing yourself and your company to professional ones. Of course, in order to look formal and proper, there are things you need to do. One of them is by offering your potential client your name card. A name card, or sometimes also referred to a business card, is a tool that is used to introduce yourself toward potential clients. In order to build a relationship, it is really important to have this small item always.

Name card cannot be mindlessly done. The outcome needs to convey the right impression toward the receiver and leave the best impact on them. Read more to know ways to make an effective name card for business purposes.

1. Target the right people

Handing your name card to specific people of interest is a must so that your business card can effectively serve its purpose. Ask yourself what kind of people you want to attract and how do you want them to feel or be impressed when they receive your card and earn your explanation regarding yourself and the business you are in? These questions will help as a guideline in making your name card, as they will affect the design of your name card so that you can appeal your target persons.

2. Let them see your company logo

Raising brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of marketing so that your company and brand can grow. One of the ways to do it is by putting your company logo in various items, such as business stationery. It is easiest and leaves quite a good impression on people. Surely, one of the items that are suitable for placing your company logo is your name card. The logo on your name card will make it easier for people to recognize your brand identity and remember it better as a logo can be easily associated with what you offer more than your company name if the design is done well.

3. Utilize both sides

Don’t forget that there are two sides to your name card that you can use. Make your way of marketing more interesting by, for example, adding a discount coupon or other interesting offer on the backside of your name card. Entice people to explore further about your business. Of course, you can also simply put more information about your business regarding what you offer. You can also make more impression by highlighting accomplishments that you or your company have achieved on the extra space of your name card. The point is, be creative with it.

4. Consider the information to be put on the card

These days, there have been changes in what needs to be put on a name card printing from Kiasuprint due to the advances in technology. Things are now more often can be accessed digitally, and people utilize the internet more than ever. It’s better to put your website address, e-mail address, social media handle ID, and others aside from your personal contact information because in this era, that information is now the ones that are important. By giving them access to this information, they can also try to explore more about your company and brand by themselves.

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