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Important Considerations to Choose an Easel Stand

by Dew Damha

Thinking of buying an easel stand? Take a moment and think about it first. You have to really know what kind of easel stand that you need so that you can choose the most suitable type of easel stand for you because there are a lot of option out there that can be quite confusing especially if it is your first time getting an easel stand. 

The various types of easel stand are just not for aesthetics. Different type of easel stand is suitable for different size of canvas and needs. Some are sturdier than others, some can only handle small to medium sized painting, some are specifically made for giant paintings, and so on.  

So, it is very important to consider these before you choose one for yourself: 

Painting Medium 

Generally, let’s divide it into two: oil based paints and water based paints. Of course, oil based paints like acrylic for example, is more viscous than water based paints such as watercolor. Oil based paints catch dust easily so you have to avoid working on a flat surface. Instead, upright position is better. Thus, you need an upright easel stand. But this goes differently for water based paints that are runny. You can’t work on it with an upright easel stand. You have to get an easel stand that is angled for this so that the paint won’t come running down the paper or canvas that you use. 

Working Space 

Some of the easel stand types are sturdy, strong, and bulky, such as the H easel, giant easel, bench easel, and others. These types of easel stands are not easily folded and stored, so you have to let them be even when you are not using them. You require spacy studio or workplace to accommodate these types of easel stand. If you have limited working space, then consider ones that are lightweight and foldable so that you can free up space when you are not working on your painting. Of course, you will sacrifice sturdiness, but it’s better than not having room to move around in your workplace. 


Some artists need to move between working indoors and outdoors. If you are one of them, you need an easel stand that is portable and easy to carry. Surely, easel stand that fits these criteria are ones that are made from lightweight material with a slim frame with reasonable stability and sturdiness, such as the A frame easel, single mast easel, convertible easel, or tabletop easel for watercolor. 

Canvas Size 

If you mainly work on small to medium sized canvases, then you don’t really have much to worry about because a lot of easel stands can handle these sizes of canvases. However, if you are working with large or even giant sized canvases, then you require a specific type of easel that is sturdy and big enough to handle the size. Single mast easel,  A frame easel, convertible easel, French easel, and other common ones can handle up to medium sized canvases. Meanwhile, if you are working with large ones, then you have to go for an H frame easel or giant easel.

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