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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding a Common Seal

by Aren Eson

Have you ever heard about the common seal? It is quite unfamiliar for many people because its importance has watered down over the years due to the regulations that no longer require a common seal to authorize and authenticate a document. Even so, a common seal still holds quite a number of advantages that just might benefit the user. However, there’s a lot of exploring when it comes to creating a common seal. To learn more about common seals, read more about it below.

What is a common seal, actually?

It is a tool that is able to leave an embossed mark on a paper or other materials (as long as it is not too thick). The way it works is by pressing the two metal plates that are positioned against each other and attached to a metal handle to leave an embossed imprint for, say, your company logo. However, you can nearly design anything as a common seal.

How to get a common seal?

A seal manufacturer is what you’re looking for if you are planning on getting a common seal. However, you have to first design the common seal the way you want it to be. Remember that you have to include the company registration number in the design of your common seal for it to be regarded as an acceptable common seal. Once you’re satisfied with the design of your common seal, you can hand it to the manufacturer and wait for your common seal to be produced. Normally, it takes only several working days for your common seal to be produced. However, you can also try to find a manufacturer that can do it within one day. It costs a little more, but for ones that are in a hurry, this is a good option.

What is the use of a common seal?

It is essential in the process of executing important documents by the company. Only documents that have the imprint of a common seal can be released from the company. Of course, the decision to use a common seal can’t be made just by one person. The whole company must pitch in on the decision as well. That’s why this tiny item is regarded as the representative of the company’s decision.

Due to this grave responsibility and importance, the use of a common seal can only be authorized for the company’s director or decision maker. You can’t just authorize a document on your own accord. A thorough discussion needs to be done, involving the important position of a company.

Can a common seal be used out of the country?

Simply putting it, yes. A common seal is recognized and acknowledged out of the country as well. It is very beneficial if you’re doing business outside of the country. A common seal is still regarded as legal even if it isn’t in its origin country. There is no difference when it comes to the use of a common seal overseas, and there are usually no extra requirements as well.

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