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Design an Attractive Pull Up Banner With These 4 Tips in Singapore

by Aren Eson

A pull up banner is one of the most well known type of a banner that is often used for various occasions, especially indoors in seminars, exhibitions, conventions, and other similar events. A pull up banner is preferred because it is cheap, simple to make, and it does work quite effectively especially if designed well.

If you’re one of the people who are interested in promoting with a pull up banner in Singapore for an event, then there are several designing tips that you need to understand so that you can maximize its potential and gain the most benefits from the money and effort you spend into the marketing tool.

In designing a banner, consider:

1. Banner flow

There is a flow that is most often the case when people read. In most countries, people read starting from the left to the right. Then, of course, they read from top to bottom. Now, keep this in mind as you design your banner. Why? Because you need to remember to put the more important information on the upper part of the banner since people tend to be more focused at the beginning of reading and then either lose interest or concentration as they proceed downward. The best place to deliver the key information are the top to middle part. Keeping a good flow of the banner also makes sure that your reader won’t get confused and discouraged from reading the whole content of your pull up banner.

2. Color

In order to be attractive, a pull up banner, of course, needs to be printed in colors. Colors that are vivid and bright are highly preferable, because they easily grab people’s attention even among the worst crowd in an event. Of course, not only the background color matters but also the text colors. Remember to keep a good contrast balance to ensure the legibility of the pull up banner content.

3. Graphics and images

Make it look more interesting by inserting images or graphics. Sure, this is very beneficial if done right. However, if not, it will only be a nuisance. If you insert any images into the design of your banner, make sure that it is suitable for the theme or content of the promotion. Also, make sure that it has a high quality of 300 dpi so that it won’t get pixelated or stretched upon printing.

4. Font

Many people make the mistake of thinking that fancy fonts will attract more and thus it is good to use fonts that are overly stylized. This is not true. While it may attract people’s attention, it does not reel them in in a positive way. Fancy fonts tend to be difficult to read and thus confuse people. If you choose fonts like this, you will only cause inconvenience and confusion among the readers. Make sure that you choose fonts that are easy to read and also always check if they are too big or too small in size. A banner’s texts shouldn’t be too small because it won’t be easy to be noticed from afar.

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