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Be Mindful About These 5 Things Before You Making A Sticker

by Evi Lim

I’m sure you know what a sticker is, yes you are right, a sticker is one of many media that is made in written words or picture. It is transformed into a computer for designing purposes and then used in many forms for various purposes. The purposes include for tag information purposes on a product, for merchandise purposes, for media promotion, socialization, commercial, non-commercial, and others. The manufacturing or printing process is not that complicated, you only need a design that represents what you want, and you can go to your nearest printing shop like a professor sticker printing

For commercial business purposes, stickers cannot be made carelessly. There are things that need to be followed so that the stickers are made to maximize their potential in attracting consumers. If you are looking for ways or tips on making stickers, then you are on the right page. This article will discuss the things you should put into consideration in the process of making one. Make sure you read until it’s finished. 

1. Content You Put In 

You need to pay attention to what content you put on your sticker. You are advised to put stickers that match what you want to convey to the public / your potential customers. If you are a seller or an entrepreneur, then you might want to use a sticker as a complement to your packaging, you can also use the sticker on the packaging itself. Avoid content that is offensive or contains negative solicitations. 

2. Colour You Choose  

The use of colour will affect whether the sticker you create is engaging enough to attract the customer or not. The colour will determine whether I am interested in what you present or not. Even though the content you provide is not very attractive, if the colour selection is done correctly, then I as the audience will definitely take a look even if it’s for a few seconds. So, make sure you use good colours or colour combinations. 

3. Symbol /Sign 

Avoid using bad symbols or signs that symbolizing past times that are unkind and offensive things. I won’t mention but you definitely know what I mean by that. If it’s traumatizing, and it makes people flashback in times of sadness and tribulation, then you are cannot use this symbol. It’s different and something else if it’s for educational purposes such as history that you would put on some PowerPoint presentation. 

4. Where You Put It 

If you want to put the sticker outside the room, then choose public places where a lot of people pass by. Make sure you choose high traffic for your stickers to be more visible and noticeable. 

5. Finishing Material 

When you have decided where you will make the sticker, then you can determine what type of material is suitable for your sticker. This will determine whether after you stick the sticker on a surface, it will last for a long time. So, consult this with the printing shop that you visit. Good luck!

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